Haatso to Adenta: the drive to work

Some random pictures from the drive to work,  Haatso to Adenta in Greater Accra, Ghana.

This first picture says a lot about Accra.  The name of the shop on the right is “thy will be done”.  Many of the shops have names with religious meaning.  Ghanaians are very strong in their faith and they live their faith every day.  In the upper right in the distance, is a poly tank – used to hold water.  On the left, is a typical store you will find along the road, some specialize (Shoes, bags, clothes, furniture, etc.) while others appear more like the typical corner store we would be familiar with, albeit smaller.

Here is a furniture store….all beds appear to be king sized!


The University of Ghana is a substantial property and includes a botanical garden which I have yet to visit but pass each day as I travel to and from Adenta for work.  I think it is so cool the way this building is built…the design makes it appear as if it is collapsing.  My plan is to visit the gardens before I leave.

The hardest thing about the trip to work is the traffic.  Here is the traffic one morning at Riss Junction (which is on the Accra – Adenta Road…and if you read my blog regularly you know that is not the real name of the road. LOL!).  All of the pictures are from the same junction, different directions.

Yes, the road is under construction, and to keep traffic off the new road they lay down nail strips.  In sections where there are no nail strips, the traffic will travel.  One morning we drove on this new road, following a grader as it dodged oncoming traffic. Not sure I would want to hold the flags.

The vans you see in the pictures are the Tro Tros.  More about Tro Tros will come in a later post.  There are also sellers at every Junction and whereever there is traffic congestion.  You can buy anything from the comfort of your car.  The most interesting thing we have seen so far is the Ab Exerciser!

Lanes?  Yah, no…well sort of.  Potholes, plenty.  My friends at Landmard Geographic Solutions would be kept extremely busy plotting all the potholes in Accra…another reason traffic flows so slowly.

For those who have left me comments about my blog, I thank you.  I am truly pleased that you are enjoying it. 

Some of you have asked about providing financial support.  I thank you!  There will more to come on that at a later time. Stay tuned!




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