Aburi Botanical Gardens, Ghana

More pictures from Aburi Botanical Gardens in Ghana.  Well worth the trip.  Enjoy!

This tree was very cool.  What to do with a tree that is dead…


All that remained of the tree was carved!



And, the following is not really a tree…

It is actually a parasite weed that travels on animals or in the wind and when it catches in a tree (usually at the junction of two branches) it starts to grow around a branch, and will strangle that branch.  It continues to grow to the ground and will root, stealing nutrition and water from the host tree.  It eventually grows around the host tree and strangles it slowly (over a period of years).  The dead parts of the host tree is then eaten by termites.  this results in a hollow tree and when you walk in side, the hollow is the size of the original host tree that is no more.

Aburi Botanical Gardens, just north of Accra…another reason to visit Ghana.



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