Ghana: Images of Central Accra

For today’s blog, I want to share some pictures of the past couple of days now that all my batteries are charged (I blew my power adaptor the other day).  The connection is slow so they are taking a while…actually, a long while, like hours,….and so I will add more another day.

Here are a couple of images from Central Accra.  First, Independence Square has a roundabout which encirles Independence Arch, and flags circle the roundabout.  The football stadium sits in the background.

To learn about the flag, check my earlier blog:

The Makola market in Central Accra can only be described as total chaos, and even chaos does not seem to be descriptive enough.  People, traffic, horns…to warn people and traffic about traffic… You can buy anything as you sit in traffic, and yes, I mean everything.  The most interesting thing we saw on this drive….an ab exerciser….yes, really! …and no, I did not buy it!  🙂

Today the Doctor who spoke to us shared that in the first 5 months of this year 540 people have died in road side accidents and unfortunately that does not surprise me.


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