Three new sisters

Today during my Twi lesson I learned many things, one of which is my Ghanaian name…Adwoa.  This is good because as I meet people and tell them my name is Maureen, I can tell by their expressions that it is not a name they hear very often in Ghana, if ever.  And so, this evening, as we talk to the seamstress to discuss some business, we are exchanging names when I tell her my name is Maureen.  As she hesitates, I add, “Some call me Adwoa.” 

This surprises her.  “Who calls you Adwoa?”  How should I answer this? 

And so when reply, “God” …this also surprises her…I continue, “born on….”.  This is when she completes my sentence, “… a Monday!  You are born on a Monday?  Me too!  We are sisters Adwoa!”

Yes, we are!  And so, with my new name, this is the third time today I have met a new sister and so I now have three new sisters – Julianna, Emelia, and Mabel…all Adwoa…all born on Monday…and the family grows in Ghana!

nna pa (off to bed, good night!)


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