Travel time

My flight leaves in about an hour, and so I am anxiously awaiting as the air conditioning cuts in and out in the airport lounge…I might as well get used to that I suppose.  I will travel through NYC, meeting up with my new friend and travel buddy from the U of T who is also volunteering in Accra over the same three weeks.  A few other Canadian volunteers were on their way the other day, so it looks like we may have a few Canadians staying together which will be nice and might help us all with the culture shock we will no doubt encounter. 

A trip highlight so far, a young man in the customs line called me ‘sweetie’…so nice…I thanked him…it’s better than ma’am…not sure when people started calling me ma’am, it started a while ago and I definitely like ‘sweetie’ better…makes me feel younger!

The last week has been crazy with our international student leaving…her stay complete…her parents arriving and touring NS, wrapping up a few things at work, and for the Chamber, and re-considering all that I was packing.  I made some quick conclusions – stop working on work stuff, stop working on Chamber stuff, and if I had the room in my weight limit, take it!  Bruce (God love him) found some blogs of past volunteers to Ghana that were quite informative and so today I even threw a vegetable peeler into my suitcase….as they say…peel it, boil it or throw it away.

This adventure is a mere three weeks which means time will fly and before I know it I will be home while at the same time some days may snake along, and for those days my sister bought me some curly wurly bars. Yay! 🙂    Medaase! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Travel time

  1. See you in New York Maureen! I am waiting at the airport in TO. So, what is a curly wurly bar (sounds good!) and how many do you have? 😉

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