in 7 days

7 days and I will be in Accra, probably sweating, wearing sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat, and maybe even bug spray (just in case – I will have been on Malarone (anti-malarial) for two days).  I will have made some new friends, fellow volunteers travelling with me from other parts of Canada.  By all accounts, The Ghanaian people will be friendly and welcoming.   I am excited to make new friends once I arrive! I will definitely be eating some new food, might try eating with my fingers…or I might pack a sppon…and I might even try the local beer – Star.  It is hard to believe it is just a week away.

Thanks to all my friends and colleagues who encouraged me to take this journey and who have helped me in so many ways, small ways and big ways.  Medaase! 🙂

the prep continues…



2 thoughts on “in 7 days

  1. Maureen,

    Congratulations for taking this step in your life and making a change. Your postitive attitude, funny disposition and all around great personality will definately make a difference in the lives of the Ghana people. I admire your courage and your admiration , as I am not sure I could take that step and do what you are doing. I wish you luck, happiness, joy and safe travel during your adventures.

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