The Search for Scent Free

So far, if my research on travelling to Ghana has taught me one thing it is that I cannot let anything bite me.  Mosquitos, black flies, ticks, pets etc all carry nasty things from malaria to rabies, and for me that is a problem because all those Canadian bugs love me.  I am pizza to them.  I step outside and within minutes they find me.  So in addition to the various vaccinations and DEET based insect repellant, I knew I wanted some more natural defences as well and this brought me to the search for scent free.

In our society, where so many individuals have allergies and other severe sensitivities to scents one would think, perhaps naively, that scent free products would be easy to find….not so much.  I have found unscented deodorant which I have tested in my workouts and it seems to do the trick.  Actually, it’s not deodorant, it’s antiperspirant and I dont’ like that.  I prefer deodorants because of the whole aluminum/alzheimers thing that a pharmacist friend once told me about.  Alas, I may have to do the antiperspirant thing for three weeks, not a huge sacrifice.

I also found some unscented body wash, which I used today and found, well, scented.  We will see how the bugs react when I go out in a bit.

Which gets me to the search for scent free.  I’m not sure scent free is the same as unscented.  Scent free means there were no scents added – and I think I have found such a soap – whereas unscented could possibly means that a scent was added to hide/mask/eliminate the first scent.  Is that why the unscented body wash smelled scented to me?

If I need to go with a scent for Africa I think I will go with garlic…garlic pills…now those I know I can find.


From Sarah on May 29, 2011:

I wouldn’t worry about it so much. You’ll find that the mosquitos there are much different from here and if you’re taking your malaria pills, you’ll be basically fine I think. I used a bug spray for dogs that is all natural and it worked fine – I don’t like using anything with DEET. As for scent – you’ll produce enough of your own aroma if you sweat a lot.. honestly, don’t worry about it so much. the sun is different there and some days I didn’t even use sun block and never got a burn. wear a hat and you’ll be fine and use your bed net. the literature and esp the travel clinic stuff I find tends to be alarmist – accurate but alarmist.


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