The Prep continues

Hi everyone,
Just as an update, I now have my tickets for Ghana.  YAY!   I will fly to JFK in NY then direct overnight to Accra.  The overnight flight is
11 hours long…thanks to Bobbi for the suggestion to get some flight socks – picked them up today.  🙂
I am seriously considering paying the $117 to get 4 more inches of leg room and 50% more recline since I do hope to sleep on the flight.   Not sure, I will see, it might be worth the small investment so that I get some z’s before landing in Accra.
Hard to believe it is just 4 weeks away! Until then, I have intercultural training and prep in TO, more vaccinations (lining up all the vaccines in time is a scheduling project!), a bit more paper work to do…somedays it feels like the paper work might never end…and of course, planning and packing (plug adaptor or voltage convertor or both?).   Then there is wardrobe, footwear, and money.  Definitely plan to pack some granola bars, just in case since someone told me the food is sketchy although the travel guide I got says it is spicy; then again, food is always part of the adventure when one travels!
Today I bought a back pack because I know I am running out of time so just grabbed the first one I saw that looked big enough to fit a laptop ~ still not sure if I should do backpack or messenger bag…hmmmm…..any auggestions?
I have tested washing my hair with unscented body wash and my hubby and sister can tell you how that went…both had polite comments about my hair  🙂    …no comment! lol!  And my sister only saw it on day two, after it had calmed down a bit.  I thought the unscented idea might help prevent  bug bites.  I tried body wash because I could not find unscented shampoo…then, low and behold, I popped into EOS in Wolfville last night for some Thai noodels, and guess what…they had fragrance free shampoo and conditioner…YAY! I have picked up some DEET lotion and wipes but I tried them here last week and the black fly bit my eyelid – the only place I had no DEET…UGH!  So, I am happy, happy to have found fragrance free personal supplies and today I picked up some garlic tablets as well…according to the bottle they are also good for my heart so that’s a good thing!
I am getting more excited with each day and am really looking forward to what I expect to be a life changing experience.  Doing lots of reading and will update you on that in another post.  Until then, stay happy and stay tuned.
Thanks for reading,

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