One shot at a Time

Good news…13 days since my yellow fever vaccination and all is well!  That’s really good news since it can be a nasty vaccination.  Let me fill you in.  The warning from the doctor was clear – first if you get an allergic reaction in the first week go to emerg ASAP – second if you get the worse flu of your life in the first two weeks go to emerg ASAP and tell them you had this vaccine…because….some people will contract a yellow-fever-like illness from the vaccine and of those who catch that yellow-fever-like illness 25% will die….gulp!….25%…do you still want the vaccine?

Well, let’s see, today is Friday the 13th…is that a good thing or a bad thing….ha ha 😉

I can’t go to Ghana without it, and I have already told everyone I am going to Ghana….I even started a blog…so, what the heck, you only live once, yup, I still want the vaccine.  Deep breath.

Mostly I want to go to Ghana….vaccines – actually the shots they come in – I could pass on any day.

So for the last two weeks it was think positive, think positive, think positive.

Now as I look ahead to the rest of the list of vaccinations needed:  Tetanus, MMR, Meningitis, Polio, Thyphoid, Hep A, Hep B, Diahhorea (the shot will help prevent 30%), not to mention something for Malaria and diahorrea for while I am there…and here was some new news…rabies is something I need to seriously consider because if I get bit by a cat or dog I am in BIG trouble…apparently many domesticated African pets have rabies…oh my…

so, all in that is 10 shots and two things to take with me…just in case.  My arm hurts just thinking about it!

…think positive, think positive, think positive… 🙂

I will be happy when this part of the prep is over!



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