About Leave for Change

Leave for Change promotes employee volunteerism in the developing world.  In collaboration with Uniterra, employers give their employees the opportunity to volunteer in a developing country, working on a short term assignment that utilizes their skills while helping an organization in the developing country advance their goals.  The opportunity for capacity building is immense for all involved: the organization abroad, the employer and the volunteer.  This requires a partnership between Uniterra and the employer organization as well as employees will to take the learning journey.

For me, the choice to participate in leave for change is really about my desire to learn more about other parts of our world.  The world continues to get smaller.  As people, there is great value in our perspective becoming broader.  Afterall, we all call the same place home.

To see if your employer is a partner, check out this link and scroll down the page:


If your employer is not on the list…and really, why wouldn’t they be?…perhaps share the program information with them and encouorage them to consider this learning opportunity for their employees.   If you are a person of influence in your company – perhaps an owner or partner, talk to your co-owners/partners.  Consider giving an employee the chance to participate….or pursue the opportunity for yourself.  Partners are listed on the Uniterra site with a link to their website – you will see Nova Scotia Community College there – YAY!   Of course another advantage of being a partner organization is the warm and fuzzies…and really…wouldn’t that alone make it worth it?

A win-win-win-win opportunity…pretty cool.  Why not give it a try?

Volunteering internationally is something I have always wanted to do and I am so looking forward to this opportunity and cannot believe it is a mere 7 weeks away!

Leave for Change, something to consider.

Your friend in volunteerism,



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