…quality basic education for all…a noble mission indeed.  Education is the only thing that is capable of changing the cycle of poverty.  In Canada, we are blessed with access to quality education and perhaps there are times we may even take it for granted.

Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) is a collaboration of about 200 organizations and in July I will have the opportunity to volunteer with them, assisting in a small way with a piece of their mandate while at the same time learning more than I can even imagine.  To work in another country, on an other country, and one so different in Canada will no doubt be a life impacting experience.  I can hardly wait!   Here is a little bit about GNECC (source www.gnecc.org),

GNECC envisions a society which provides quality, relevant and enjoyable basic education for all irrespective of age, income levels, gender, physical or other disabilities, geographical location, ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.
GNECC mission is to work at changing attitudes and practices and influencing policies of institutions (local, national, and intergovernmental bodies, donors and the general public) towards ensuring quality basic education for all through working with CSOs and communities.

Your fellow volunteer,



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