A Place Called Ghana

Some tidbits about Ghana….first, I’m pretty sure there are no timbits there….that’s OK, because I have sworn off them anyway…LOL! 🙂

West Africa, along the Atlantic Coast (Gulf of Guinea actually)…just a toe dip away! 🙂

Capital – Accra – almost 3 million people in about 200km2…that is about 3 times the Province of Nova Scotia population in one city (except NS has over 55,000km2 to hold its people)!  (Toronto is about 2.5 million in the city).  Shanty towns surround the capital as people migrate more and more to the urban center.

About half the children attend school.

Schools – oh my – based on a research document from late 2009 (link below):  Class sizes are well beyond what we are used to in Canada.  Some classes have as many as 60 students.  Schools may or may not have washrooms, many don’t have water supply, and by many I mean about 63.6% of the schools in Accra do not have water supply.  Separate washrooms for girls are almost a coin toss – 42% of the time they do not exist. Sinks and handwashing soap are also missing at many schools.  Here is a link to a good document by GNECC about schools in Accra, it is a good read and makes one feel blessed to have the schools that we do,


Beaches – lots!  Google Labadi Beach images (in Accra) to see the difference between travel brochure pictures (couple walking alone on a beautiful beach) to photos taken by people visiting the area…interesting…will definitely have to drop by.

Necessities – yellow fever vaccine required to enter – that is my Friday appointment this week….not a big fan of needles…and hoping I don’t become symptomatic for any length of time as a result of the vaccination.  Oh, and cost of this one vaccination….$215…cash, please.  Only certain doctors are licensed to give this vaccine… 8-S …and thankfully the one in Halifax had a early appointment because it is not recommended to take it close to other vaccines.

Flag of Ghana

According to Wikipedia, the colours green, yellow and red originated from the Ethiopian flag. Permission was asked from the Emperor Haille Selassie if the colours could be used, it was replied yes but as long as the colours were put the other way round as to the Ethiopian flag (green yellow red) ~ I don’t know if that is true or not.  Culture Smart! Ghana (Utley, 2009) tells us that the red signifies the blood of those who died for the country’s independence, gold stands for the great mineral wealth of Ghana, and green for the lush forests and farmland.  The star, if my recollection is correct…is the lone star of African freedom.

I will land in Ghana at the end of the rainy season…average July temps run about 23 – 27 celsius…plus humidity…hmmm.  I must avoid all bites…mosquitos, black flies, sand flies…so that means some deep woods off or other DEET insect repellant – ugh – however it will beat getting sick!  …mosquitos and black flies like me, a lot, so I will have to be extra careful.

Wow…only 53 days …and counting,



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